Heather Groeger - Visual Artist
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My primary starting point for any painting is generally color. One could say that I am consumed by color. Whether it be color-theory or my own visceral reactions to a particular chroma, color is always in the forefront of my consciousness. A certain color or scheme will capture my attention and I will then develop a painting around it. In this sense, the foundations of my work are firmly rooted in a design based aesthetic.
While most of my current work deals with themes of social dysfunction in one form or another, each topic I choose to explore is considered from a distinctly 3rd wave feminist viewpoint. Too often, most of what we see in terms of visual imagery in contemporary society is developed from a Western white male perspective. This one particular viewpoint has been disseminated to the point that it could be considered by many as cultural standard. Through my paintings, I attempt to portray my own uniquely gendered perspective so that viewers may catch a glimpse of an often familiar vista from a new position.
My artistic practice is a direct reflection of the conditions of my life at any given point in time. As a result, throughout the course of my career as an artist, significant transformation is evident in the work. Each work reflects a personal snapshot of my circumstances at the time I created it serving to be both a personal reminiscence and a source of relationship to the viewer.